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We organize paid wine tours by appointment, which include visiting wineries in the area, photo and jeep safaris, agricultural tours and visits to local attractions: the fortress of Despot Slav, the ruins of St. Nicholas Monastery and the Chapel Holy Zona, the Church Sv. Georgi in the village Zlatolist, the Rozhen Monastery, the Melnik Sandstone Pyramids, the Waterfall of Kashina and others.

Contact: Mitko Manolev – +359 887 545 795

The Fortress of Despot Slav

Melnik is incredibly beautiful and you can best enjoy its charms from the plateau St. Nicola above the town, where you can find the ruins of the fortress of Despot Slav and the remains of three medieval monasteries – St. Nicholas, Our Lady Speliotisa, more popular as Holy Zona, and St. Haralampy, which were a part of the fortress-city in the 12 and 13 century. The view of Melnik and the whimsical sand formations of the hill are incredible. You can get there in half hour by a trail that runs alongside the St. Nikolay church.

Eco-Path to the Rozhen Monastery

The natural phenomenon Melnik Earth Pyramids. You will see the most beautiful and whimsical part of it on the eco-trail to the Rozhen Monastery, which is about three kilometers long and takes you through breathtaking scenery.

Zlatolist Village and St. George Temple

Reverend Stoyna is a Bulgarian prophetess and healer, who lived as a nun in the Church of Saint George in the village Zlatolist .Many people call her the predecessor of Vanga and the prophet from Petrich herself has repeatedly mentioned Stoyna and her gift. There is also a direct trail to the village, which is about 3 km long. If you travel by car, the road passes through the village Katuntsi.

We offer a paid guide to accompany you and explain to you in detail the history of these interesting places.