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Wine Cellar Shestaka

The Manolev family has more than 120 years of history in the town of Melnik and in the wine making industry. The nickname Shestaka comes from the grandfather Iliya, who had six fingers on his right hand, and now his grandson Mitko also has six fingers.

For decades our family has been growing vines and producing  wine from the Shiroka Melnishka (Broadleafed Melnik) grape variety, which only grows near Melnik and has been world famous for centuries for its unique taste. This is the main grape variety we grow, because we aim to protect and preserve the unique and traditional Bulgarian wine, which makes us recognizable to the world.

Here you will also find wines produced from Merlot, Syrah, Vranec, Pamid and a bouquet of white wine varieties Keratsuda, Brestovitza, Tamianka, Sandanski Muscat, Dimiat and Bulgar. For the moment we grow 60 hectares of vineyards and the wine, that we produce with a lot of love, is made in limited quantities, but with excellent quality.

The wine is stored in oak and chestnut barrels in the Shestaka cellar, which is about 250 years old. The temperature and humidity in the cellar are constant. It is located in the town of Melnik, on a high hill, so the cellar’s terrace alcoves present a spectacular view over the city.

In the Shestaka cellar you can taste white and red wines straight from the barrel. To complete the taste of the wine, we offer specially selected appetizers.

We offer dry and semi-dry wine from the Shiroka Melnishka variety. We also offer dry wine from Merlot, Syrah, blends and white wine bouquet – all made with a traditional technology, without additives of alcohol, colourants or preservatives and aged in oak and chestnut barrels.

We supply wine throughout the country on request.