Red Wine

Dry: Shiroka Melnishka, made using a traditional recipe and maturing in two different types of casks – oak and chestnut-tree. We offer:

  • Blend – Shiroka Melnishka and Merlot
  • Blend – Shiroka Melnishka and Syrah
  • Rose – Pamid

Semi-dry: Shiroka Melnishka again, using a different technology

White Wine

Dry: Made from 6-7 white grape varieties, put together to ferment. Traditional technology is used.

Semi-dry: Made from the same grape varieties using a different technology.

The white wine varieties we use are – Sandanski Misket, Brestovitza, Dimiat, Bolgar, Tamianka, Muscat, Keratsuda and others.

To order:

Mitko Manolev: +359 8887 545 795
Aatanas Manolev: +359 887 286 572